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Membership is open to all registered Democrats in this area, or persons, who, if not eligible to vote, declare their intent to register as Democrats when eligible. Members shall be considered active upon payment of dues.

Membership, if paid in cash or by check, is $15 per person, per calendar year starting in 2018. To join online right now with Act Blue, click the "Join Today" button and use your credit card. (The charge will be $15.50 to use your credit card, since there is a $.50 fee to Act Blue.)

You can also donate any amount to support our work on the Act Blue page.

Send your check, made out to RVDC, to RVDC, P.O. Box 722, Rio Vista, CA 94571-0722. Please include your name, address, phone number and your email address. (Please do not send cash in the mail.)